Hey parents! Just wanted to remind you, next Friday, May 3rd we will be having our kiddos Wii Game Night. This is an opportunity for Missio Kids to serve you the parents with a FREE date night. It also gives us an opportunity to love on your kiddos and have a blast!

We will meet at the church building at 6 pm and be there until 9 pm. This is for any of our kiddos 5th grade and under. (even the ones not old enough to play the Wii just yet)

The only things we need you to do are: One - please let shelby know if you are planning on bringing your kiddos. We need to know this by Sunday Night. That will help us make sure we have enough adults there to help. Two - We are asking that you either feed your kiddos dinner before they come or send them with dinner and we can feed them for you. :) We will have a few snacks. (koolaid, popcorn, and cookies) THANKS!!!

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