As most of you know in just a couple weeks, we have the joy of participating in a baby dedication during our Sunday morning gathering. As I wait in excitement, I wanted to reflect on why we do baby dedications at Missio Dei. Baby dedications, not to be confused with infant baptism, is a time for families to publicly share their desire to raise their children in a gospel centered family. 

First, Through this public declaration they are committing before God and their church family that they are serious about the role of parenthood that God has so graciously blessed them with. As a church family, it is our part to first celebrate these children and families. 

Second, as a church family we also make a declaration to support each commitment made. We understand that baby dedications are simply a symbol of the intentions of each family. As a church family, we commit to praying with each family as their children grow. 

We pray that God will one day illuminate their hearts to the truth of the gospel and that they will believe and follow Him. I cannot wait for this next celebration at Missio Dei. I am so thankful for how God is blessing so many of our families with sweet babies.

Looking forward to April 14th! 

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