Hey everyone! 
I have two things I need to update you guys on! 

One: This month I will be working on our next quarter rotation for Missio Kids. First, I want to thank everyone who served this last quarter. I am so blessed with so many awesome parents and volunteers who love our kiddos! so THANK YOU! You guys make this ministry awesome. As I work on the next schedule (April-June), please let me know if you have any dates you are unavailable to serve or if there is any specific age group you want to work with. Also, we are always looking for additional people to serve! So if you are not serving now and would like to be a part, please let me know!

Two: As I hope you all know our FLASHLIGHT EASTER EGG HUNT is coming soon. It is Friday March 29th. But we still need your help. We have roughly 500 empty plastic eggs that we need filled. If you could help us by donating candy and small prizes (such as stickers, balls, any other little toys that could fit in an egg) that would be amazing. We also need big prizes (such as bubbles, chalk, coloring books, and fun stuff you can easily find for $1 or 2 at Walmart or even the dollar tree) to give away as prizes at the end. This is going to be like no other Easter egg hunt we have ever had. Be sure to send your child with a basket/bag to collect their eggs and a flashlight! I also gave our older kiddos (1st - 5th grade) a challenge that if they each bring an friend, they get to silly-string me at the end of the night. :)

Thank you guys for all your help and let me know if I can answer any questions. Feel free to email me at shelby @ missiodeimemphis.com 

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